Sunday, July 31, 2011

My card made a hero smile!

This is Sgt. Jamie Jarboe. He is a local soldier who is recovering from his injuries. I sent this card a while back and was so thrilled to see the smile it brought to his face on his Facebook page today. If you'd like to send a card here are the details:

Words of praise of encouragement are always welcome send to:
Sgt Jamie Jarboe
PO Box 3926
Topeka Ks 66604
This is our home city, we would love to have them sent to hospital but we have found it takes up to 3 weeks to get them and some get lost :( thank you everyone!! -posted by Jamie's Wife

My original post of this card can be found here.

Sgt. Jarboe's Facebook page is here.



  1. Oh Lisa how fantastic you must feel so good inside that you made this soldier smile inspite of his injuries,
    Lorraine x

  2. Lisa, very touching picture. Such a good feeling that a simple card can let someone we don't even know, feel the love and support we send to them.
    Thanks for sharing your post........

    Sue Drees
    We miss you already!!

  3. What a tribute. It made my morning to see your card and his smiling face!

  4. Please know we appreciated your card, support and love you gave us over the last year..

    Best wishes,

    Melissa Jarboe


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