Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hello everyone!

I am just in love with this line from Imaginisce. The little stamps run only $1.00. They have several coordinating papers too. I think the little fox is adorable and even found the bird yesterday! I haven't had a chance to play with the bird yet. I used watercolor pencils on the fox then cut the line between the body and tail to make the tail more distinctive. I put a pretty thick dimensional dot behind the little tail so it stands up from the card. The ears are just folded forward a little bit. I did learn a new trick when I was cutting this little fox out though...when you're done trimming it if you edge it with a sponge rubbed in brown (or black) it hides all of your little miniscule white pieces from where you trimmed it out. It makes your image look perfectly cut out! How bout that! My tip for the day hehe! Hope you like it!


  1. The fox is adorable. That's a very fun looking card!


  2. I think the fox is adorable and a great price. Is there a website I could buy him from because I know I've never seen them around here.Thanks.

  3. Great tip and gorgeous card. What do you use for colouring?

  4. What a cute card! I'm off to check out their site! TFS!

    aka Nelliebella

  5. This card is pretty foxy! I like the little flower you added to the foxes head. I'm loopy for this line as well. TYFS!

  6. What a cute card you have made! I love it.
    I have never seen any of the stamps you are talking about nor the paper and it is soooooo cute. Can you spill the beans where you got them all from?
    Many thanks.


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