Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bellas with Friends

Yes more Bellas...can't help it! They are just too fun to create with! These all have been smaller versions thus I scanned instead of photographed them. Plus it's been so rainy lately I couldn't get a sunny day to take pictures if I had to!
The top card is with the Bella of the 4 ladies...the name escapes me and I got it through an image exchange. Instead of using the 4 I cut it up and used only 3. Their dresses are shiny black from a Black Jelly glaze pen. Instead of holding stamps they are eaching holding a tiny pink flower with a little diamond inside. I added little square mirrors all down the left side and the mulberry paper behind them has little silver dots. The base paper is a silver metallic as well...the scan didn't really pick up the sparkles well. Definately a sparkly, formal sorta card, but I like it!
The second one is Javabellas. I went wayyyy easier on this one and just colored the image with prismacolor pencils and added some baubles with a pretty background paper.
Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. I love your Javabellas! What a fun print! I'm addicted to the baubles, too.

    aka Nelliebella


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