Friday, June 4, 2010

Update on Jayme

I wanted to give you all an update on my sister Jayme. As many of you know she's dying with cancer right now. The top thing on her bucket list was to go to Dollywood. A local charity in Woodward, OK paid for her to do so. The trip was this past week. Unfortunately once she arrived she was so sick she spent the entire trip in a hospital there. She never set one foot in the park. On a big positive many of you (up to 132 as of this minute) have sent her beautiful cards. She was greeted by a Walmart sack full of mail upon her return. I can't tell you how much this timing was just incredibly perfect! It was so wonderful to have something positive after her huge letdown from the trip. Thanks for helping me do this for her. It seems like such a small thing to make and send a card....but for someone in Jayme's shoes it's so much more. I appreciate all your prayers and support for her as well!


  1. Thank you for providing this update. I'm so sorry that Jayme was too sick to enjoy the park. She must have been so disappointed! I just sent my card last week, so I doubt it is there yet (from Canada). Still, what an encouragement to know that so many have already made it to Jayme's house - and there are more on their way!! My her heart be lighter knowing that strangers are thinking of her. xox

  2. Oh, Lisa, how sad that Jayme didn't get to enjoy her trip. I have posted another card today, and hope others will continue to do the same. Hard to stay strong, but pray that you and your family will find the strengh you need in the days ahead. Thinking of you.


  3. So sorry that she wasn't able to enjoy the trip. Really glad the cards are arriving in quantity. I should think the ones from the UK (mine included) and other countries will be rolling in soon.
    Love to you both.
    Ann xxx

  4. Lisa...that's so sad that Jayme didn't manage the trip. Hopefully the cards will keep coming and that will be enough to heer her up in the days ahead.


  5. Hi Lisa,

    So sorry to hear Jayme didnt manage the trip!! But Im sure all the cards for her, will give her a smile.. big hugs for you and Jayme! xMarley

  6. Thanks for the update, sorry to hear that Jayme wasn't able to enjoy her trip. What a fantastic number of cards she has from all over the world, all those frogs! Hugs xxx

  7. Such sad news that Jayme wasn't able to enjoy her trip...but fantastic news that all those little froggy cards were there to great her upon her return!! xx
    And more will be coming soon I'm sure, as they jump across the 'pond'!!
    Big hugs to you both and the family Lisa x x x x

  8. Thanks for the update. I'm sorry she couldn't go see the park. I'm glad to hear the cards were able to brighten her day a little.

  9. Hi there
    How sad that Jayme didn't get to enjoy her trip.
    I hope she got lots and lots of new cards.

    Grtzz and hugsss Marjon

  10. Hi Lisa so sorry Jayme was to ill to enjoy her trip..but hope all those froggy cards have made her smile??

    Hugs Christine xx

  11. That's really tough, so glad the cards came at the right time. Jayme and your family are still in my thoughts.

  12. So sorry to hear that the trip hasn't been enjoyable, hopefully after this Walmart sack there will be another Santa's sack full of cards heading her way! Big hugs, Shirl

  13. It's so sad that Jayme didn't get to enjoy her trip to the park :( But I'm glad that all the cards cheered her up! I hope my froggy letter has arrived :)


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